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Little Picasso
Paint Parties 

Little Picassos paint parties in Midlothian are so much fun for kids and easy peezy for parents. We plan activities, take care of the setup and clean up. When you get here art supplies are already waiting when you arrive--including aprons to help protect your clothing. All you need to bring are the kids and the snacks (we even provide plates and utensils if you need them. Please bring a knife for your cake).


Kids don't need any artistic skills to have fun at The Art Lounge. Experience instructors will guide them step by step through the creation process. We encourage individuality by allowing them to change colors, patterns and other details to make every project their own.  

How it Works


Request a date by clicking "Book Now" and we will contact you ASAP( no later than two business days) to confirm your day, give you available times and collect your booking fee.  You may also call 804-205-7942 and leave a message about your upcoming plans(please include your desired date). We will call you back within 48 hours. (If we don't, please try calling again). 


The Booking fee is paid once your party date has been confirmed and it secures the date so that no one else can book it. 

Should you need to cancel, the booking fee is refundable ONLY if you cancel no later than 2 weeks before your party date

What's Included 


We want your experience to be fun, organized and effortless. We provide you with all the supplies needed for the paint party. We Include...


Canvases, ceramics*, brushes, paints, aprons, paint trays, napkins and anything else needed finish a masterpiece. 

*Ceramics: are specially ordered for your party  and must be requested at least a month in advance. These events may be canceled but, your booking fee will NOT be refunded should you do so. Thank you for understanding. 


Since covid, we have been very conscious in providing you the most germ free experience. With that said, we will provide all young painters with a disposable wine glass for their juice.  


You can bring any food you like and we will provide plastic plates, napkins and plasticware(or you can bring your own themed plates and utensils). We do suggest bringing more finger foods than full blown meals that take longer to setup, plate and eat. Ex. try foods like Chicken, food trays, pizza, sandwiches, etc. Cake and a couple sides are fine also. It makes it easier for painters to eat and paint at the same time if need be. 


Unless you've worked out other arrangements with us, our doors will open for you all 30mins before painting starts. This gives us enough time to properly set up our shop before anyone arrives. This also gives guests time to arrive, settle in and socialize while you set up food and other items for the party. 


Kids In-studio parties are held in our Wisteria Room and you may have up to Ten(10) little Picassos at your party. 


Our Instructor is a professional artist and is well trained in making the painting process simple and enjoyable for painters of all skill levels. Everyone will receive step-by-step instructions are a comfortable pace.   


We'll have an age appropriate and crowd pleasing playlist ready for you. Or you can tell us what sort of music you prefer at your party and we'll Taylor a playlist to your needs. 

Project Selection

Please provide your top three(3) desired paintings or ceramics. We'll always try to make sure you get your first choice, but due to occasional scheduling conflicts or material shortages , it's suggested to have a backup choice or two. 

You don't have to choose a painting in order to book an event, but final selection must be confirmed with the shop at least two weeks in advance. ceramics should be confirmed four weeks in advance.


Let us know if you're interested in canvas painting or ceramic painting and we will provide you with a list of options to choose from. 


We offer parties three(3) days a week. Friday, Saturday and Sundays

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What our Customers Think...

I haven’t gotten a canvas in a while but this place is amazing can’t wait when I can come to the new location. She have a canvas for any and everything for any occasion even kids. We went to a few paint nights and it was so much fun. I’m not a great painter at all but it’s very fun and enjoyable. It makes a great paint night for family and friends. I will be ordering real soon. The wine is delicious and the owner she’s very sweet, very welcoming, and she remembers everyone. This place definitely is the place to order from and you will definitely will get five stars. Check out her page and order.

Tebbina Dabney

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